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    About Us

    Our team is devised of young, driven artists, devoted to exposing the incredible artwork happening on and off college campuses! The idea was formed by students in a college art class, who wanted to address a problem faced by them and their peers. Incredible pieces would go underappreciated, which often discouraged great artist to continue creating. The vision was to find a way to inspire artists to continue their work outside the classroom and in doing so, grow the artistic community.
    Our goal is to bring together creative minds who share similar artistic values, allowing them to collaborate and create things they never thought possible. College Collections is a community of people that believe in each other’s capabilities and encourage each other to be their best selves.
    Beyond just the people, we’ve created an online art gallery to allow artists to share their work and build a unique digital portfolio. Our peer to peer marketplace is designed to change the culture surrounding promising artists. Through our platform artists can gain confidence in their work, international exposure, and profit in the process.


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