• Easter Egg Hunt hosted for the children at The Children's Center in Hamden

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    April 29, 2019
    As part of our 35 for 35 Campaign, Burzenski & Company organized and hosted an Easter Egg Hunt with The Children’s Center of Hamden on Saturday, April 20th at The Children’s Center.
    About 20 children participated in the festivities. The unique and interactive Easter Egg Hunt offered the children simple and fun challenges found inside the eggs (hop on one foot, spell your name, do 10 Jumping Jacks etc.). After completing three challenges the children were given bags filled with candy, activity books, toys and other goodies.
    It was a wonderful afternoon for the children and the Burzenski staff who helped with the event: Heather Polyviou, Jill Cerravone, Gail Cable and Lee Rackliff.
    Karen Kolb, Marketing Director
    (203) 468-8133
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