• Spring Marketing Ideas for Small Business

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    Well we have finally turned a corner, and spring has officially sprung! Besides the promise of warmer weather and brighter colors, spring is the ideal season to connect with your customers.  If you had a less-than-stellar season this winter, now is the time to get things hopping again!

    Even if you are more-or-less meeting your sales goals, spring marketing can springboard your sales to the next level.

    Let’s face it, lots of folks hibernate during winter. But when the sunshine graces us with warmer temperatures, they start to make plans and embrace life. An energetic new campaign could be just what they need to engage your products or services in the new season.

    Here are a few ideas to help your small business get noticed during the spring season.

    During spring, it feels like the holidays are stacked on top of each other. This gives a business a number of marketing opportunities. Tether your spring marketing campaigns to one of the holidays that fall during the season, such as Easter, Passover, May Day or Mother’s Day. Know your target market so the holiday you choose to tie your message to strongly appeals to prospects and clients. Implement promotional ideas to build traffic, such as if you own a floral shop, offer a “buy one, get one at 50 percent discount” on May Day bouquets.

    If you own a physical store or office, you can easily give it a feeling of spring. Decorate with brighter colors, flowers, and other things associated with spring. A beautiful storefront will draw people closer.
    Don’t forget about your website! Tweak the layout to give it a different look for spring. By updating your look according to the seasons and holidays you show that you are on top of things and pay attention.

    On a more serious note, the spring is tax season. If you work in the financial sector, you can advertise your tax prep services to individuals and companies. If you don’t, you can encourage people either to use their tax refund to splurge on your products and services, or to take advantage of reduced prices you are offering.
    After the long, cold winter, people yearn to spend more time outside. If you run a restaurant or coffee shop or café, put some tables outside so you can meet the demand for outdoor seating. During the early spring days, it is a great idea to have blankets or outdoor space heaters handy. And if you are first with this you will snag customers before the other places have gotten their act together.

    Tweak your offerings to include food and items that evoke spring. People tend to want to eat differently in the spring than in the dead of winter.  Offer up salads and smoothies to celebrate springs arrival.
    People love to talk about the weather. We even have the saying “March comes in as a lion and leaves as a lamb.” This is something you can use in your marketing. You can update your social media with weather related posts. For example, you can announce when you open your outdoor deck.

    Something almost magical happens as spring approaches. Even the most hardcore city person seems to get closer to nature. We notice the flowers and the new leaves on the trees. We might even plant something. It’s a natural human instinct to be drawn to life itself when it returns in abundance.

    April 22 is Earth Day. This day celebrates mother Earth and support the environment. People are becoming more and more aware of environmental issues.  The spring months give ample occasions to show support for the environment. You can organize a clean-up event for a park or work with communities or organizations in your area to address local environmental issues. Not only will you support a good cause but you will also get your name out there and connect with your customers.

    Spring is also a season of outdoor events and markets. This can be a great chance for a company or small business to attract customers. In many places, you can book a spot and bring your own table or exhibition to showcase your products or services.

    Make sure to research the events to find the one that suits your company and your products. Find an event that will attract your target audience.

    Even if you don’t sell anything at this event, you have gotten people to notice you and remember your name. Companies and business can accomplish a lot by promoting consistent brand recognition. The next time an event attendee is in need of your products or services, your name will pop up in their head.

    Sometimes the press will be at these events and you might get a chance to be interviewed for a newspaper or TV. Two very good ways to get the word out for your company.

    The Shoreline Chamber of Commerce Chili Challenge on April 27 is a great way to get your name if front of crowds!

    No one can deny the impact social media has on people today. However you decide to market yourself this spring, make use of social media to reach your customers. Update your Facebook page or Instagram account often. Tweet about the weather and what you have to offer. Wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.

    Learn more about social media at our next workshop “Social Media Advertising”!

    If you are excited and happy for spring — show it!
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