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    CELC Middle School is a unique, experientially-based middle school for grades 5 – 8 that has much to offer. A place where students receive personalized attention to become fully engaged as part of a solid middle school experience that offers growth of the person, academically/socially/emotionally, towards preparedness for success in high school and beyond, all for which CELC is known.

    With a 6:1 student:teacher ratio, CELC provides both in the classroom and outside of the classroom instruction in a complete range of subject areas. The strength of the academic program is equal to the extraordinary quality of the experiential program. CELC’s methodology of employing in and out of classroom instruction in a multidisciplinary, hands-on approach motivates students to achieve results that are transformational to each student’s life.

    Students come from a variety of towns throughout Connecticut, from families looking for a program that engages and deepens learning, where their children thrive during these important and impactful 5th- 8th grade years.

    The intention of the CELC Middle School is to challenge students and nurture their highest potential. By providing a learning community based in the guiding principles of respect, integrity, responsibility and individual learning, the innate desire of all children to learn, grow, communicate, and create is honored. CELC provides an energizing, personalized, and significant middle school experience.


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