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    No paint is used in the making of Chris Penry’s Paperscapes. The colors and scenes that you see are created by hand with pigments and inclusions from nature while the paper pulp is still wet—before it dries. This seldom-seen technique known as Pulp Painting gives her work a unique, textural quality all its own. Using only a paper maker’s tools called a mold and deckle, vats of different types of colored pulp and her hands, Chris lovingly creates each, one of a kind PaperScape original. Chris frequently works with Cotton Abaca pulp, and also with Thai Kozo—made from the inner bark of the Mulberry plant. Additonally, she experiments with an eclectic range of different types of paper pulp.

    To fully appreciate each PaperScape in all its many textures and dimensions, please visit our studio & gallery at Chroma, 20 Church Street, Guilford, CT—adjacent to the Guilford Green.


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