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    A well seasoned, CT shore based, owner and driver with 10+ years experience traveling in a 34 foot motor home is offering the best “Bed and Breakfast” opportunity of all time. Plan a weekend getaway, a week long vacation or even a month long trip to visit those places you have yet to explore.

    Choose your destination and duration of the trip and plan it all with your traveling cook / driver / guide. Or select one of our pre-planned options.

    Eileen has been traveling in RVs for decades, crisscrossing the continent in search of beauty and adventure. She has discovered many amazing vistas and unique opportunities along the way that she is more than willing to share with you.



    Niagara Falls: 5 night round trip for 2 - $2,000
    Yellowstone: 14 night round trip for 2 - $6400
    Cape Cod: 5 night round trip for 2 - $2000
    Prince Edward Island: 7 night round trip for 2 - $2800
    Gettysburg: 4 night round trip for 2 - $1600
    Virginia Beach: 8 night round trip for 2 - $3200
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